Music Director

St. Matthias Parish
Employment Type
Part Time
Crown Point, IN
Posted Date

Overall Description:

Plan and coordinate with other departments the music program. Coordinate music for Sunday Masses, weddings, funerals, Holy Days and other liturgical and paraliturgical services.

Major areas of responsibility:

  • Select and purchase all music for liturgies
  • Develop additional musical programs (i.e. choirs, sing groups, soloist, etc.)
  • Develop and utilize a Liturgy and Spirituality Commission in coordination with the pastoral council and Head Sacristan
  • Collaborate with various commissions, pastoral council, and parish staff
  • Develop contacts outside of the parish to facilitate collaboration and new ideas
  • Responsible for recruitment and training of cantors and choir members
  • Maintain a professional competence
  • Find out information from staff meetings
  • Coordinate liturgical music projects and updates from the Diocese
  • Create a yearly budget for the Music Department of the Parish

Particular duties:

  • Direct the weekly cantor/accompanist practices, and teach them new music, psalms, and acclamations
  • Direct at rehearsals and Mass the choir and any future choirs, schola cantorums, or singing groups
  • Assist the Bell Choir Director
  • Train new cantors and accompanists; create notes, music, and song introductions for the cantor and accompanists for each service
  • Organize, choose and prepare appropriate music for all services
  • Meet with couples in person or by phone who are to be married to choose the music for the wedding ceremony arranging for musicians, cantors, music, worship aides, and any other details
  • Schedule musicians for liturgical and paraliturgical activities. This includes weddings, funerals, Holy Days, etc.
  • Coordinate any music license issues for the parish
  • Keep current on liturgical music, keep music files organized, and coordinate all musical equipment purchases and maintenance.