Part-Time Computer Teacher

St. Mary School
Employment Type
Part Time
Griffith, IN
Posted Date

St. Mary School, Griffith, is looking for an exceptional part-time Computer Teacher who has a love of children and is willing to share their Catholic faith in the classroom. You will be responsible for creating lesson plans to match the curriculum for every academic year. Furthermore, you will be responsible for evaluating, grading and tracking the students’ progress throughout the course term. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Computer Teacher

  • Creates lesson plans that are appropriate for the age and abilities of the students in the class.
  • Evaluates student performances in class.
  • Assigns special projects to students.
  • Provides appropriate resources and learning materials for students.
  • Encourages creativity in students.
  • Maintains computer laboratories and keeps an inventory of supplies.
  • Ensures that computer equipment is functioning properly.
  • Maintains accurate records of students’ progress in class.
  • Keeps order in the classroom and handles student behavior issues in accordance with school system policies.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Must have strong computer skills.
  • Must have strong troubleshooting skills.
  • Must have strong organizational and time management skills.
  • Must have understanding of computer monitors, central processing units, operating systems, hard drives and file storage.
  • Must have a good knowledge of G-Suite, technology integration, and ability to teach keyboarding. 

Salary will be based on years of experience and the Diocesan pay scale.