St. Bridget Parish
Employment Type
Full Time
Hobart, IN
Posted Date


Performs general accounting duties as they pertain to all parish functions.  Is responsible for accurate financial data gathering and compilation of same. Reports on the financial status of all facets of the parish and is responsible for reporting same to the diocese in an accurate and timely manner.  Must subscribe and comply to all general accounting rules and standards.

Reports directly to the Pastor and maintains a direct line of communication with all employees. Seeks, receives and provides pertinent information to and from all employees of St. Bridget Church to enhance satisfactory communication.


Essential to the position of bookkeeper is the routine completion of payroll and all related tax, insurance, and retirement fund payments; processing the entry and payment of all bills; providing financial reports to the Pastor, Finance Council and Diocese of Gary and publishing pertinent financial data to the parishioners of St. Bridget Church; regularly keeps the pastor informed on the current financial situation of the parish.  The bookkeeper also orders all office supplies for the parish, reconciles all bank statements; deposits all income from Accounts Receivable; performs all billing for preschool before and aftercare; organizes subsidy payments; attends Finance Council meetings and provides the agenda and follow up minutes of the meeting.  Processes CSA pledges/contributions and keeps track of all maintenance programs throughout the church and school. Further creates parish budget with the pastor and assures that expenditures are properly recorded and reported.


Must comply with generally accepted accounting principles. Must maintain a high degree of accuracy and possess organizational skills in maintaining the essential job functions of the position of Bookkeeper.  Monitors and updates as necessary the computer system and PDS programs of the administration office computer system.  Must maintain a high degree of communicative and interpersonal skills and further maintain a professional line of communication with the Gary Diocese and implement and comply with updates and changes provided by the diocese.


Must possess a thorough understanding of PDS Software and QuickBooks’s Microsoft Office and Excel programs.  Must possess a high degree of interpersonal skills.  Must possess and demonstrate a high degree of organizational skills.  Must have very good communication skills and be able to explain financial reports to parish members of the Financial Committee.


Experience commensurate with the requirements of the position. Background in accounting is essential. Computer knowledge in a variety of programs i.e. QuickBooks, Excel, Word is necessary. Knowledge of bookkeeping practices, accounting principles and procedures is a must.  An associate degree/bachelor’s degree in accounting is a plus.


Must have knowledge of the Catholic Faith and strive to live in conformity with the moral teachings of the church.

Prepares all related inspection and reporting to appropriate sources i.e. State, local and diocesan authorities. Finance plans, budgets must be developed, reported and approved by the Pastor and Parish Finance Committee.

Must be able to maintain confidentiality while maintaining the integrity of the administrative office.  Must be able to use with reasonable proficiency a variety of pieces of office equipment i.e. computers, copying machines, fax machines, calculators, typewriters (word) etc.


Use of keyboard, telephone, copier, and other office type equipment. Primarily sedentary in nature.